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Copperloy’s full lineup of high quality loading dock equipment is available for sale and distribution in Indiana. Loading dock ramps, edge of dock levelers, dockboards and much more are being put to use by Indiana businesses of all shapes and sizes, each with their own unique needs, preferences and specifications. You’re probably seen our equipment in use in Indiana and across the US already.

Regardless of your industry, the size and scope of your operation, and the type of facility you’re working in and with, Copperloy has the loading dock equipment you’ve been searching for in Indiana.

Loading Dock Equipment in Indiana
Copperloy’s loading dock equipment is designed to provide you with many benefits. Ultimately, you’ll receive durable, high quality and reliable equipment, and you’ll be able to improve your productivity, efficiency, and ultimately, your profitability and workplace safety as well.

We produce an array of material handling equipment, including loading dock ramps and portable yard ramps, edge of dock levelers, dockboards and railboards and more.

Custom Steel Manufacturing in Indiana
With a 70,000 square foot manufacturing facility, Copperloy is one of the leading steel fabricators in the region. We can help you with nearly any machining and fabrication need, and we work with various industries, producing tailor-made, custom steel manufacturing products.

Call Copperloy at 800.321.4968 to get started, or simply find your nearest location above for Indiana loading dock equipment.

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