Copperloy Produces A First-Ever Custom 35,000 lb Mobile Yard Ramp

At Copperloy, we pride ourselves on our ability to successfully complete custom design, manufacturing and fabrication projects for our customers. Being able to solve a daunting problem or meet a previously unmatched need is what the Copperloy team is all about. Recently, we were able to produce yet another project for custom loading dock equipment, […]

Dockboards vs. Dock Plates

aluminum and steel dockplates side by side

What’s the difference between a Dockboard and a Dock Plate?   We’re often asked about the differences between our dock boards and dock plates. These items can get confused with one another and it’s our goal to keep customers informed. Dock boards provide loading and unloading capabilities in heavy-duty applications and bridge any gaps that […]

Six things to Consider before Buying an Edge of Dock Leveler

manual edge of dock leveler

With over 50 years of experience in manufacturing and selling material loading equipment, Copperloy has established a reputation in providing quality equipment that’s built to last. At Copperloy, we offer our customers the option of tailor-made equipment that can handle any unique challenge.  When it comes to our edge of dock levelers, this equipment provides […]