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Whether you’re looking to maximize your space and productivity with a mobile yard ramp, or you need a dock-to-ground ramp, you can rely on Copperloy to provide the industrial equipment you need to handle the loads you work with.

Yard Ramp RentalsCopperloy yard ramps have a capacity range from 16,000 to 60,000 pounds, are 36-feet long, and available in widths of either 70 or 84 inches. The height can be adjusted with a hydraulic pump, allowing for 37 to 65 inch heights. All ramps have steel side curbs to help prevent runoff. They are constructed with steel serrated grating, allowing for high traction, durability, and to allow precipitation and debris to fall through.

Our ramps are the perfect solution for forklifts to get from ground level to dock height, offering industry-leading strength, outweighing many competitors’ capacities.

Many ramps are ANSI compliant. With our in-house engineering team and manufacturing facility, we’ll be able to custom manufacture yard ramps for almost any size and capacity requirement, and are here to offer professional consultation for any special requests or needs that our customers may have.  Learn how to choose a yard ramp that will fit your needs.

Find out more about Copperloy yard ramps. Watch the video below:


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Yard Ramp Features





8-foot Level Off

 Copperloy ramps have an 8-foot level off feature. This gives hand trucks and forklifts easy access onto trucks, loading docks and platforms. These features make for a very stable yard ramp and are especially useful on mobile ramps.

8-foot leveloff

15-Inch Lip

The 15-inch lip is designed to overlap the ramp frame so that it rests firmly on the truck carrier body, dock floor, or platform. Our yard ramps also come equipped with eight-foot-long safety chains, which provide added security and increased safety. Chains join the yard ramp, attaching the unit into a safer entity when correctly rigged.



Hydraulic Pump

The hydraulic hand pump adjusts the top height quickly and easily. This helps with aligning what you’re connecting the ramp to, whether it’s the bed of a vehicle, a platform, or a loading dock. Aligning and positioning yard ramps can be very difficult, but not with Copperloy. We turn alignment into a simple process. Even better, the handle is stored out of the way when not in use, but it’s always in reach.



Smooth Side Plates

Smooth side plates or curbs are standard. They enclose all working components, while also protecting them from possible damage from other equipment.


Low End Plate

We designed an end plate that is shorter than the wheelbase of most fork lift trucks. This way, front drive wheels can reach high traction grating without a problem, while rear wheels are still on the ground. The plate comes standard with beveling from the underside. This helps to provide an easy and smooth ground-level entry. It also eliminates jolts and bumps as the fork lifts travel on and off the yard ramp, with or without a load.


Deck Grating

High-strength steel is standard on all Copperloy yard ramps. They help to make our equipment stronger, for a heavy-duty ramp that stands up to abuse. Grating bars are constructed for durability in the roughest of applications. Bars spacing is 1 inch apart to allow snow, rain, and other debris to fall through. The serrated grating helps to insure an all-weather, high-traction running surface.


Safety Curbs

 Copperloy offers 7-inch curbs on all ramps. The side curbs help prevent accidental runoff. The patented box frame construction and exclusive hollow section design take the stress of heavy loads and the extra strain of cargo.


Pneumatic Tires

Pneumatic tires are standard on all mobile yard ramps. They are premium 23-inch tires and are ideal in nearly all applications. All portable ramps are standard with air-inflated tires, which creates a cushioning effect on rough or bumpy surfaces. We also offer the option of solid-filled tires, which are ideal in applications where sharp debris could puncture a tire.


Positioning Sleeve

 The positioning sleeve comes standard when purchasing a mobile yard ramp. If you’re interested in getting a positioning sleeve on an aluminum ramp, please call us. The positioning sleeve is used to move the ramp with a forklift. The sleeve is easily stored on the side of the ramp when not in use. It should be noted that it is not intended for long distance towing, but for moving short distances in a loading area.



As an additional option, we can provide a towbar. A towbar is a hitch that allows for towing the yard ramp further distances. The towbar attaches to the lower end of the ramp.

Copperloy has rentals and used ramps for sale!




Mobile ramps are portable and can be moved making them perfect for a wide variety of uses, especially in tight spaces, or where a tuck might not be able to get to the load dock or for pairing with a portable platform.  The standard positioning sleeve and 23-inch thick pneumatic tires allow for pain-free mobility by use of forklift.


Dock to ground ramps are perfect for connecting your raised loading dock to the ground. This allows small trucks, forklifts and other equipment to be easily brought up into the loading dock. These heavy duty forklift ramps can easily and safely traverse, and have hookups for the forklift to move the ramp as well, ensuring maximum safety.