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Yard Ramp Resources Q&A

We get it. A yard ramp is a big purchase. You need to be fully informed so you can make the best decision for your facility. The best way to do that is to know your options. Our Yard Ramp Q&A provides answers to commonly asked questions about yard ramps.

And, if you still need more information to decide which loading dock equipment is right for you, we’re always here to help.

Yard Ramp Resources
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Why should I choose an aluminum ramp?

If you’re moving heavy equipment, such as sound equipment, furniture or electronics, aluminum ramps provide the durability and flexibility you need to handle items of all weights and sizes. Our specialty ramps feature shark-tooth, non-slip decking and can be custom made.

What types of aluminum ramps do you have available?

We offer:
Stage Ramps – Easily load and unload sound equipment for concerts and theaters.
Twin Lock Ramps – Space ramps farther apart or lock them together depending on truck size and application.
Van Ramps – Durable aluminum ramps for a variety of moving applications.

Do you manufacture steel yard ramps?

Yes. Copperloy has been providing custom steel yard ramp solutions for more than 50 years. Our certified welders, experienced machinists and automated robotic cells combine for a custom steel fabrication division that can provide a yard ramp solution for nearly any industry or application.

Does Copperloy offer used ramps?

Yes. A used yard ramp provides a cost-effective solution when you know your know your material handling needs may change in the future. All Copperloy used ramps are factory certified and guaranteed.

What yard ramp is best for vehicles traveling from grade level to dock height?

A dock-to-ground ramp allows trucks and other vehicles to travel easily from grade level to dock height. These ramps feature a high-traction surface and can easily be moved to another location.

What types of ramps offer portability?

If a permanent solution isn’t feasible at your facility, Copperloy’s mobile yard ramps can easily transform a vacant space into a loading station. Gain ground-level access to trucks, railcars or buildings with easy-to-move mobile ramps.

Can I rent yard ramps?

Yes. Copperloy has a variety of yard ramp rentals available for an affordable solution for short-term loading dock scenarios. Ensure employee safety and improve efficiency with a factory-certified yard ramp for rent.

I have a unique loading dock situation. Can I request a custom solution?

Yes. There’s no situation too unique that Copperloy’s engineering department can’t handle. We have provide custom fabrication solutions for more than 50 years. We work with pre-existing CAD drawings or create all new designs in 3-D modeling.

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