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Heavy Machinery and Transportation Loading Dock Equipment
Copperloy is a leader for high quality, safe and reliable material handling equipment for the heavy machinery and transportation industry. Our loading dock equipment increases productivity and efficiency by leaps and bounds, all while improving workplace safety, and helping everyone to get their jobs done more successfully. If you’re in the heavy machinery and transportation industries, you know how physically demanding they can be. You’re required to handle and manipulate large work pieces and assemblies, but these activities can be extremely dangerous. Lifting injuries and lifting-related injuries can occur from repetitive reaching, bending or stretching.

The best way to avoid these types of injuries is to completely eliminate any lifting, bending or stretching from the job, and this can be done by using specialized material handling equipment. Hydraulic lift tables are used for a number of different applications in the heavy machinery and transportation industry. This type of material handling equipment  is ideal for feeding and offloading large workpieces. They can easily be positioned so that the operator can move work on and off without having to do any of the heavy lifting.

Copperloy produces a wide range of additional material handling equipment which may meet your needs. This includes edge of dock levelers, dock boards, yard ramps and much more. Plus, we can custom produce any type of material handling equipment for the heavy machinery and transportation industry, with our fully in-house engineering and manufacturing team.

Contact us to learn more about how we serve the heavy machinery and transportation industry and how our material handling equipment can meet your needs. Call us today at 800.321.4968 to begin, and benefit from our 50 years of firsthand experience working with material handling equipment for heavy machinery and transportation.