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Machine / Equipment Manufacturers Material Handling Equipment
Copperloy supplies loading dock equipment for material handling to machine and equipment manufacturers (OEM) to help them keep employees safe and productive. We offer a wide range of material handling equipment products and solutions, and also provide custom-made products which will meet any company’s unique needs. We are proud to make everything from design to finished product in the US and have a steel fabrication facility┬áto make any demand a reality.

The OEM industry has special requirements for material handling equipment, and we’re ready to help. We provide the custom steel fabrication, machining and painting of the following:

  • Bases for industrial lathes and cut-off machines
  • Bases for pultrusion machines
  • Bases for plastic machinery
  • Frames for plastic machinery

Our machine and equipment manufacturers material handling equipment and custom steel fabrication capabilities give our customers peace of mind knowing that their employees are safe. In addition, our products make it possible for machine and equipment manufacturers to stay on top of their production schedule. Increase productivity and efficiency, prepare for growth and expansion, improve workplace safety and conditions, and more with our high quality and dependable OEM industry material handling equipment.

Contact us today to learn more about how we help machine and equipment manufacturers with their needs. Our OEM industry material handling equipment will make an immediate impact for you and your business. Call 800.321.4968 today to get started.