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Military and Defense Industry Material Handling and Loading Dock Equipment

The military and defense industry has a unique need for high quality, dependable and safe material handling equipment. From rapidly loading and unloading supplies, to transporting materials in difficult or changing environments and more, there are many specific applications for military and defense material handling equipment.

Copperloy has more than 50 years of direct experience supplying our military customers with the material handling equipment they need to get the job done quickly, safely and consistently — and all of our products are proudly made in the USA.

In particular, we help the military industry by offering the following products:

In addition to these products, we also have custom steel fabrication capabilities. Our steel fabrication facility has the ability to burn, cut, weld, machine and paint large steel fabrications all under one roof. We have an in-house design and engineering team, so everything from raw materials to the finished material handling equipment you’ll be utilizing will be handled by us directly. There’s no limit to the custom material handling equipment that we can help you with.

Contact us today to learn more about our military and defense material handling equipment. We believe in only the best, especially when it comes to the military and defense industry, and those who serve within it. Call 800.321.4968 to get started with our military and defense material handling solutions.