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Printing and Publishing Industry Material Handling Equipment
The printing and publishing industry often requires lifting and handling of large rolls, sheets and printed materials. If employees attempt to do this on their own it could be very dangerous. That is why Copperloy supplies this industry with the loading dock equipment they need.

Printing and publishing companies have a variety of unique needs in terms of lifting and handling of large rolls, sheets and printed materials, loading and unloading supplies and finished products and much more. With the right material handling equipment for printing and publishing, all of these tasks can be performed more safely and efficiently. Employees can get more done in less time, while reducing the risk of injury, and enabling your facility to be prepared for growth and expansion. Copperloy has more than 50 years of experience supplying printing and publishing material handling equipment of all kinds. Our custom-made equipment can be utilized in many common ways, including:

  • Loading or unloading printed materials
  • Loading and unloading trucks without a dock
  • Handling large rolls
  • Feeding and offloading large sheets of paper at presses, trimmers, other equipment, and more

To accomplish all of these tasks, Copperloy offers a variety of material handling solutions for the printing and publishing industry, including:
Ergonomic and Hydraulic Lift Tables
Edge of dock levelers
Dock lifts
And moreyard ramps, dock boards, etc., as well as custom made and designed products to meet your specific needs and circumstances.

Contact us to learn more about our printing and publishing industry material handling equipment and solutions. You can call us directly at 800.321.4968 to get started today.