Copperloy Loading Dock Equipment

Determining What Dock Equipment You Need for Your Facility

If you ever done a kitchen remodel, you understand how much work goes into it. There’s demo of the existing cabinets and countertops, new drywall and electrical work. But before you even begin the demo part of the project, you need to consider work flow.

Do you want an island for additional storage and food prep? Should you move the refrigerator to another wall to expand countertop space and cabinet storage? So many questions, but they need to be answered if you want your new kitchen to function well for you and your family.

The same goes for your warehouse facility when you’re considering new loading dock equipment. Perhaps your loading dock equipment has seen better days, or you just want to improve efficiency in your warehouse facility. No matter what the reason, you first need to understand your current layout before changes can be made.

Situation Report: Current Dock Equipment

Before we can suggest the right loading dock solution for your facility, we need to understand exactly what your needs are. What type of equipment are you currently using? Have your material handling needs changed since starting operations in your warehouse?

We’re usually able to gather all the information we need over the phone, but we do rely on our distributors to supply further details. If necessary, they can visit your facility to get a better understanding of your present work flow.

Know Thy Equipment

If we determine that a particular yard ramp is the best solution for your facility, the next step is determining the needed capacity. For that, you need to know your equipment specs.

Will you be running forklifts on the ramps? What is the weight of the forklift and the max load it will be carrying? Other important measurements include dock opening, truck height, the width of the door opening and the width of what is using the ramp.

These numbers are critical for ordering loading equipment that will work seamlessly with your current dock setup.

You Needed Your Loading Equipment Yesterday

We understand that sometimes customers need a solution sooner rather than later. In this case, we usually recommend an in-stock item. From yard ramps to dock lifts, we have a variety of solutions ready to ship to your location.

But what if you have a unique loading dock need? We can handle that, too.

We had a customer who needed wider ramps so his product wouldn’t hit the curbs on the way up the ramp. The problem with wider ramps is that they often will not fit in standard trailers. We solved the customer’s dilemma by making a special lip that would fit in all truck trailers and support the ramp.

Is your facility in need of a loading dock equipment upgrade? We’re here to help. Contact us to find your solution today.