Custom Dock Boards & Yard Ramps

How to Boost Productivity with Custom Dock Boards, Yard Ramps

Your loading dock needs to be efficient as well as safe. Docks can be a dangerous place, especially when forklifts are in use on uneven grades. The risk for injury increases dramatically.

Dock boards, as well as yard ramps, bridge the gap between elevations to help stabilize forklifts and keep your employees safe. With a dock board or a yard ramp, you’ll enjoy a more productive, more efficient and safer work environment.

Copperloy produces a huge array of dock boards and plates with different capacities, features and specifications. Did you know that a dock board can be a ramp as well? Even if there isn’t a height difference at the dock, dock boards are still ramps and vital to safe material handling. We offer dock boards as well as plates in both aluminum and steel, with multiple curb options.

Custom Dock Solutions

Have a unique loading dock need? Even if your warehouse design is unique, our engineering team can help with a custom solution. There’s no challenge too difficult, and no specification or circumstance too unique—we can develop the perfect solution, tailor made for your real-world application in three easy steps.

1. Initial Call When we get your initial call, we’ll gather the details for your specific application, including any necessary measurements, such as dock height, weight of your equipment, width requirements and any restrictions.

2. Engineering Department – Our team of talented engineers reviews your specifications and a meeting with the production manager provides you with the time it will take to fabricate your custom solution.

3. Final Design and Pricing – Next, we reach out to local material providers to obtain current pricing. A design is drawn for approval, and cost determined. We send the quote to you for review.

Our engineering team has supplied a number of custom solutions, including a two-piece ramp design for a company in Macedonia, Ohio, which manufactures industrial wire and cable. Copperloy was able to design the ramp to handle the large weight capacities of trucks, plus the cable or wire being hauled. The 50-foot-long ramp also allows for trailers with low clearance to drive into their building. Find out more about this custom manufactured dock-to-ground ramp.

And our custom solutions aren’t specific to industrial or warehouse settings. We also designed and built a ramp 99 inches wide for use on a farm in Bowling Green, Ohio. This customer needed a wider-width ramp to load material onto a drop deck trailer. While our standard yard ramps are available in 70 or 84 inch widths, our engineering team was able to determine a way to provide the necessary specifications for the client. Read more about the shipping challenges we overcame for this particular yard ramp solution.

Have a unique material handling or dock ramp need? Copperloy is here to help with your custom design solution.