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How to Care For Your Loading Dock Equipment in the Weather

 Copperloy is proud of our 50-year legacy of creating tough, durable, American-made material handling and loading dock equipment. We’ve carefully engineered our products to not only stand up to the test of time, but also the impact of weather.

So how do you care for your Copperloy loading dock equipment in the weather? Well, by and large, we’ve already taken care of that for you with our quality engineering, design and construction.

Our equipment is, for the most part, weather resistant. It usually needs almost no ongoing maintenance or repair. Whether you’re dealing with a blizzard or a tropical rain storm, below freezing temperatures or dry humidity and triple-digits on the thermometer, our loading dock equipment will hold up in all of it, and ensure that your business continues efficient, safe operation.

One of the many great features of the high quality loading dock equipment we produce at Copperloy is the metal grating we utilize with our yard ramps, portable platforms and other gear. This allows rain and snow, along with any other debris or material, to fall through, as opposed to accumulate.

This greatly improves safety and reduces the risk for accidents during bad conditions and inclement weather of all kinds. Of course, if it’s really getting icy or snowy, certainly the surface will begin to get slicker than it would be if it were dry. But as opposed to a flat, solid surface, there’s never any need to break up ice, shovel away snow, put down salt or sand, or anything else.

Another way that loading dock equipment from Copperloy makes your life easier and your business more productive in all conditions is the hydraulic fluid we utilize in our products like the hydraulic edge of dock levelers or lift tables. The fluid is able to handle just about any temperature that you’re going to come across in the contiguous United States, whether it’s January in Minnesota or Maine, or July in Arizona or Texas.

aluminum yard ramp

A view of the underneath one of our aluminum yard ramps.

As mentioned, maintenance is minimal for our loading dock equipment. A few quick checks though will go a long way to ensuring that everything remains in optimal condition and working order at all times.

For instance, when temperatures get particularly cold, as they have been this year, you should check your tire pressure, as low temperatures can directly reduce PSI. A quick check will alert you to the status of your tires, and give you that extra peace of mind you need.

When you choose Copperloy, you’re going to enjoy the benefits of an entirely no-worry brand. Our gear is built to be tough and durable, and put to use all across the United States.

Take a look around our website to learn more about all of the loading dock and material handling equipment we produce, and feel free to call our team directly at 800.321.4968 with any questions or for more information.